Creating value for all

Creating value for all

Through supporting, empowering and collaborating with all of our partners across the value chain, we are able to create and share greater long-term ...

Through supporting, empowering and collaborating with all of our partners across the value chain, we are able to create and share greater long-term value for all. Together, we work every day towards creating a healthier and more sustainable future.

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We contribute to the development of communities and their environment, mainly through our social innovation funds. We invest in community-led projects and co-create with partners for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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We are committed to pioneering new ways to strengthen social dialogue. Over the last 40 years, we’ve developed a series of international agreements for a common set of policies across the company on major topics such as gender equality, diversity, health and supply chain standards.

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To help consumers make healthier and more sustainable choices anytime and anywhere, we are stepping up collaboration and investments to grow across all channels. We activate our brands in-store and across multiple platforms, to match local tastes, lifestyles and shopping preferences.

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We believe in empowering our more than 100,000 employees to bring our vision to life. Our innovative governance model ‘One Person, One Voice, One Share’ will enable Danone employees to co-build our agenda at local and global level, and foster a co-ownership mindset.

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We source milk in some 20 countries as well as fruit, cereals, and other raw ingredients. While actively supporting farmers by providing equipment and training in regenerative practices, we are developing innovative long-term contracts with dairy producers to improve visibility and financial stability.

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On strategic topics such as food safety, probiotics, microbiota, hydration and aging, research plays a central role in our growth strategy. By partnering with the academic and scientific world, we seek to improve our understanding of health and nutrition issues and integrate this knowledge into increasingly healthy and innovative products that meet new consumer demands.

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We create sustainable value for our shareholders in a responsible way. Consistent growth both in earnings and dividends aims to provide regular and competitive returns.

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We are partnering with food tech startups across the globe that share our vision of a healthy and sustainable future for food. Through Danone Manifesto Ventures, we invest in high growth potential companies bringing unique products and disruptive models, to drive forward the food revolution.

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To accelerate the global transition towards a circular economy of packaging, we intend to keep driving collaboration and commit to ensuring that our packaging will be 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

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We listen and respond to the fast-changing expectations of consumers worldwide, tailoring sustainably produced food and drink choices that nurture health at every stage of life. 89% of volumes sold in 2018 were in healthy categories(1) and innovation accounted for about a quarter of our sales in 2018.

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(1) In operational terms, ‘Healthy product categories’ for Danone refers to water, yogurts, milks and other daily dairy products, beverages with 0% sugar, early life nutrition products (except biscuits and beverages for children under 3 years old) and medical nutrition. It does not include Alpro and WhiteWave legacy entities.


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